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More trouble for us creative artists
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This week, the big internet corporations have joined in attempt to jeopardize the copyright laws and take away our rights to our intellectual property. Read this article, among others:

Do we really understand copyright?
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In this day and age, copyright has become almost passe. This is particularly alarming for those of us who create intellectual property. Here is an article that gives a good glimpse into what we all must consider before we post … Read More

Compliments continue to flood in about “Journey Through Cascadia”
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April 1st’s premiere of Journey Through Cascadia was no joke: attendants ranging from students, teachers, and friends all find the work to be a well-conceived, touching story. Now, other musicians can hear it, and learn to perform it!

Journey Through Cascadia premiere a success!
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A full audience filled the Pepsico Recital Hall for the premiere of Guthrie’s Journey Through Cascadia on Wednesday. People acclaimed its “conversations between the voice and piano,” its transformation to the “beautiful vocal melodies,” and other aspects of the work.

Entire Song Cycle to be premiered at Pepsico Recital Hall on April 1st at 3pm
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Ian Guthrie and Sarah Dunham have been officially scheduled to perform the Journey Through Cascadia on April 1st at Pepsico Recital Hall in Fort Worth, TX. It is highly recommended you attend if you are in the greater Dallas area.

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