Dark Forest (2016-17)

Dark Forest (2016-17)

(text originally by Renzo Montangoli; translated into English by Ian Evans Guthrie)

Total duration: 7’42”.

2-song set for baritone and piano

I. Moan of the Wind; II. Song of the Wood

Commissioned by Dante Mirales in 2016; 1st prize of the 2017 Arcady Composition Competition; selected composition for the 2018 University of North Texas Collevoux

Premiered by Orion Canter and Xinshuang Jin on November 6th in Dohnányi Recital Hall (FSU); subsequently performed by Louise Fristensky (soprano) and Jacob Nydegger (piano) on February 5th in Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater (UNT); performed by Nicole Stellino (mezzo-soprano) and Ian Guthrie (piano) at Central Presbyterian Church (Brantford, ON, Canada) as part of Arcady’s Voices of Summer concert.

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