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One of the biggest objectives today in America is to increase recycling and reduce pollution. Most of us discard our biodegradable substances back to the earth, and recycle our paper and similar materials in the recycling bin. But what about things we keep, like certain papers? What about napkins, which we use once and then discard? I will explain what I do to reuse and recycle in each of these two instances.

I try to use a single napkin for at least two meals every day. It makes no sense to wipe my face once and discard a perfectly good napkin, only to do the same thing over a thousand times annually. If I can use one napkin every day or so, that makes optimal use and eliminates so much waste.

I reuse paper by designating certain files and books for certain uses. For example, I need to write myself tons of temporary notes, so instead of writing each one on a new piece of paper, I reuse the 8.5”x11” until its entirely full before recycling it. If I have a musical idea, I track it in my music notebook, and use the notebook until it is full. As a composer who prefers to write first drafts on paper while also one who likes to “go green,” proper paper use is essential. It is rather easy to maximize our paper use, we just need to stay organized.

We can definitely increase our efficiency reusing and recycling paper, among other things. Blank paper and napkins are easy to waste, but can easily be reused. By being more efficient with paper products, we can easily make our earth greener.




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