Going to the Midwest Clinic? Ian Guthrie will be there!

Come by booth #2005 between 4-5pm Tuesday, Dec. 20th, 2022, and meet Ian Guthrie, see some of his large ensemble works, and more: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=593480762784232&set=a.503594911772818&cft[0]=AZX4vMCdjbukTu94gBCAFISnbYCZ07pldtXnQq16Had3xeab8s2_1o070qKwJ0JcU8o6VNaDAfl9ARPjtAooMToBgvKhBdkpZ2_27Gvve0AUzVtqdnOrofmZI8BWc7Ar4ZRgv19K1zYp-Rzl4DX5qSFMc7ovSJ45IwCRn7bsJLS1uzvDbTt3Mi1bO9PbchpxnQE&tn=EH-R

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