Solo music for monophonic instruments/voice: $50/minute of music

Solo keyboard/electronics: $100/minute of music

Ensemble (2-9 players, excluding keyboards or electronics): $100/minute of music

Ensemble (2-9 players, including keyboards and/or electronics):

$200/minute of music

10 or more players/parts: $300/minute of music

Seem too expensive? Be a commission consortium leader and get a further discount for every other commissioner you bring on board!

Prices may vary depending on the organization commissioning piece, specific requests, and other factors. Contact me to fill out the commissioning form and for a final price tag.

Sample recordings of my existing works can be found at my “Works” page.

* The first hour of any accompaniment, performance, and ensemble/orchestral services will not be pro-rated; after one hour the price may be pro-rated. The actual hourly rate will be determined based on the difficulty of repertoire, ease of access to the sheet music (if necessary), and the length and location of rehearsal.  Contact me to be absolutely sure of the hourly pricing.

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