Soundscape Retreats (2014-15, revised 2017)

Soundscape Retreats (2014-15, revised 2017)

I. Wy’east; II. Lake of Sunlit Shadows; III. Tropical Sabbath

Total duration: 15’20”.

One of Guthrie’s most performed works: “Wy’east” premiered on November 5th, 2014 in Pepsico Hall with the composer at the piano. “Lake of Sunlit Shadows” premiered on All Classical Public Media’s Thursdays@Three in December, 2016. Tropical Sabbath recorded by Evan Mitchell in November 2015. Guthrie revised Soundscape Retreats in early 2017 and premiered the entire work live in its updated form on March 9th, 2017 at the SCI Region VIII Conference; performed several other times from Coast to Coast. 

I. Wy’east

II. Lake of Sunlit Shadows

III. Tropical Sabbath

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