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Castillo Cave (2017)

Dark Forest (2016-17)

A Dream Within a Dream (2014)

Excursion on Snowclad Yeon Mountain (2013)

A Farewell Elegy (2017)

Firenado (2019)

Going Under the Hood, Ruining Intentionally Everything (2017)

Hotspot (2016-17)

Journey Through Cascadia (2014-15)

In Memorium WWI (2018)

Lavelatla (2018)

Open Caverns (2016-17)

Queen of Nori (2019 – in progress)

Snake Island (2018, revised 2019)

Salsa: The Allurement (2012-13)

Snake Island (2018, revised 2019)

Soundscape Retreats (2014-15, revised 2017)

Spooky Celebration (2018-19)

The Tempest Long Foretold (2017-19)

Those Left Behind (2019)

Thunderbells (2019)

Treacherous Tepuy (2018-19)

Voices of the Earth (2018-present)

Where Dreams Come True (2018-19)

Wilkommen und Abschied (2017-18)

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