Castillo Cave (2017)

Duration: 11’49”.

glissando flute

Premiered by Erik Drescher at the 2017 VIPA Festival.

Subsequently performed by Linda Jenkins at the 2018 TaiHei Ensemble Winter Concert.

Score to be published by Verlag Neue Musik:

A Farewell Elegy (2017)

Duration: 7’28”.

solo piano

Premiered on July 13th, 2019 at St. John’s Presbyterian Church (Camas, WA).

Neo-Medieval Chorale (2023)

Duration: 6’30”.

solo organ

Nocturne Fantasy (2023)

Duration: 5’00”.

solo piano

Soundscape Retreats (2014-15, revised 2017)

Total duration: 15’20”.

solo piano

One of Guthrie’s most performed works: “Wy’east” premiered on November 5th, 2014 in Pepsico Hall with the composer at the piano. “Lake of Sunlit Shadows” premiered on All Classical Public Media’s Thursdays@Three in December, 2016. Tropical Sabbath recorded by Evan Mitchell in November 2015. Guthrie revised Soundscape Retreats in early 2017 and premiered the entire work live in its updated form  on March 9th, 2017 at the SCI Region VIII Conference; performed several other times in Washington, South Dakota, Texas, and Florida. 

I. Wy’east (2014)

II. Lake of Sunlit Shadows (2015)

III. Tropical Sabbath (2015)

Three Memoriums (2018-23)

Total duration: 5’00”

I. Canon: In Memorium Tomas Svoboda; II. New Dimensions; IIII. Reinventing the Wheel

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